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Interaction Design Portfolio (Beta Version)

My name is Markus Burkardt, Interaction Designer from Germany, based in Berlin and London and this is my prototyping-sandbox.

While this website is an experimental showcase where I get my hands dirty and try out new things I also have a professional portfolio which can be found here:

This is the link to my public portfolio:

With a special section for my work in Maps (password protected):

Another special section for my work in TV and Editorial (password protected):

...and these here are some screenshots from my SoundCircle project...

UX prototype/ proof of concept with real data:

Final interactive animation:

Interaction Design and Motion

I love experimenting with motion to support and communicate interactions and I always focus on building user experiences that emotionally resonate with people and invite to interact with.

I have been working with Keynote (animations), After Effects, Flash, HTML5 and most recently with Pixate and FramerJS (a code based animation tool)

Digital Product Design

My interaction design work helps to create digital products which make sense out of our complex world and help to understand it better. My best projects all went through a solid process of research, development and ideation.


Visit my portfolio to learn more about me [open portfolio]

Markus Burkardt

Other links related to me

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Download my CV [PDF]